Divorce Care

Divorce Care


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What it Divorce Care:

A structured 13 week seminar guided by video from experts from all across Christianity and with small group discussions facilitated by the leaders of the DivorceCare Ministry. These effective 13 sessions cover various topics concerning divorce and separation.  Each session is presented in a comfortable atmosphere which allows each participant to move at their own pace and ensures true healing from the stress and hurt of the past.

DivorceCare 4 Kids (DC4K) is just what its name implies: It is a time when children who have been affected by the divorce or separation of their parents.  This is a "safe time" for children to ask questions and receive helpful answers that helps them process their feelings regarding their parent's decisions. DC4K is video driven like the adult DivorceCare and is facilitated by caring individuals who have also been through the divorce or separation of their parents.

Who may come:

Any adult thinking about, in the middle of, or who has gone through a divorce or separation from their spouse.  (Spouses considering divorce or separation are encouraged to come too)


$15 for first time and includes a workbook. There is no charge for one to attend a second or third time. 

Childcare is available at no charge. (Consider DC4K for children 5-12)