The Diligent Soul
Proverbs 13:4

As we consider the wisdom of Solomon, we see that he is painting a picture of the kind of person he wants his son to be, and the kind of person a true follower of God will become. A person who is humble enough to listen to wisdom. A person whose speech is good, and guards his tongue. A person that is not a sluggard, but through diligence (little by little) finds the honor that comes from God, and even from his fellow man. A person who hates lies and lying. A person who reveres God’s word, and hides it in his heart. Solomon is not talking about a perfect person, but a person who is growing, maturing in his/her faith, and through diligence puts into practice the ways of God found in these verses. The diligent soul is perhaps the underlying theme of Proverbs 13 as the author drifts from subject to subject as it involves the righteous, the wicked, the sluggard, the insolent, the fool, the wise, the rich, the poor, the temperate, and those who do things in excess. Yet through all of these subjects - there is this message of how we must be diligent to keep the teaching of the wise for it is a fountain of life.

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